Success Stories

Why should you trust us to help you get more traffic to your website?

Our team has built dozens of profitable websites. We publish over 1,000 SEO-optimized articles per year. A big reason for our success is our ability to optimize on-page SEO for Google’s latest search updates.

By taking the time and effort, we increase search click-through rates and dwell times on your pages. Google sees this as a sign that your website is strong and healthy and will reward you with:

  • expertise
  • authority
  • trust

Long-term, this E-A-T will help you see higher and sustained search traffic.

Because we are so confident, we created Content Polish to help others too.

Recovered Lost Rankings

Below is a chart from one of the first clients we worked with. They were hit with a Google search penalty which decimated 70% of their overall traffic.

By performing frequent and consistent post updates to their content, we were able to recover traffic quickly. The website has now hit all-time high traffic!

To do this, we focused on the following elements:

  • Updating all search titles to be eye-catching and relevant.
  • Adding comprehensive information, charts, and facts to each post to drive extra backlinks and authority.
  • Redoing all post introductions and lists to hook readers in and provide them with excellent value.
  • Improved internal link building across the site so that search bots could crawl the website easier.

Here are the results:

Immediate Rankings Increase

Below is a chart for a single post that we updated for a client. This was a guide published in early 2021 that had not received any updates in the year that followed. We reviewed the post in detail and determined a number of actions we could take:

  • Optimizing the search title and meta description for search intent.
  • Redoing the introduction and paragraph transitions to keep visitors hooked.
  • Adding an FAQ section and some extra informational content at the bottom of the post.
  • Optimizing image ALT descriptions and captions for search engines.

The results were immediate. Within 3 days, overall search impressions grew by 2.5x and clicks grew by 4x to the article.

Major Free Backlinks

The chart below shows what can happen when you make high quality content edits to an article. After updating the article, this post saw an immediate 5x jump in search impressions (purple line) and a 2x jump in search clicks (blue line) two weeks later.

Thanks to the statistics and depth and we added to the article, major news sources in this niche picked up those stats and created free backlinks to us on their website.

6 weeks after updating the article, search impressions jumped another 60% and search clicks jumped 300% further.

We recognize ways to turn your boring content into eye-catching works of art that draw people to your website and create reasons to give you more free backlinks.

Long-Term Traffic

Proper SEO content editing can have long-term effects on the traffic of a website. Before is a chart for a website we started working with earlier this year. In the 3 months before Content Polish got involved, traffic was mostly stagnant and falling (the first half of the chart below).

After performing internal SEO updates to the website, we saw an immediate doubling of search engine traffic to the website. 3 months after continuing to work together, traffic to the website has hit an exponential growth period. Total traffic to the website is up 5x from the day we were hired.

We’ve performed a large number of updates to the website, but some of the common things we’ve done repeatedly are:

  • Optimize internal links between articles.
  • Test and update search engine titles for increased click-through rates.
  • Add facts and statistics to articles.
  • Create custom graphics and images to keep visitors engaged in the website.
  • Embed videos which support each article and increase dwell time on each page.

If you want us to increase your website traffic and take over content editing for you, select a package below to begin!

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5 edited posts per month

Keyword optimization

Rank and performance tracking

Monthly report

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